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New Install — Heating and Air Conditioning

At Air Conditioning Repair Houston , our desire isn’t to try and sell just any Heating and Air Conditioning System. Our goal is to provide you with a complete Comfort System. Comfort in appearance, Comfort in overall experience, Comfort in reliability and Comfort in price and efficiency. Air Conditioning Repair Houston will surpass your comfort needs. From blue prints to energy load calculations, we are equipped to meet all your New Installation needs for Central Air Conditioning, Central Heating, Furnace, and Duct Systems.


HVAC Install Efficiency (Save $$$)

A major consideration for any household is Energy Consumption. Central Air Conditioning Units and Central Heating Systems are the greatest contributor to energy consumption in any home. That is why making the right choice of heating or cooling equipment is so important. A new Central Heating and Air Conditioner can be expensive, but with the right equipment and Installation, your savings can be so substantial that you can recover your entire investment just from lower energy costs.


If The Decision is to Replace

If the best decision for you is to replace your existing unit, we can help make it a comfortable transition. For a successful Installation to work smoothly, the existing infrastructure, the ductwork and ventilation, the furnace and the entire design of your home needs to be completely understood. Then we can make an informed recommendation for you on the best solution to your heating and cooling needs.

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