Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

Many people who make an investment in a HVAC system or a new home fail to properly maintain the HVAC system which reduces system capacity, increases energy usage and causes unnecessary repairs. An HVAC system is that similar to a car. It needs proper attention and maintenance to stay efficient and keep the home comfortable year round. Research shows that a dirty or unmaintained HVAC system can cost an additional 20% in operating cost.

You would not run your car for a year without changing the oil and other necessary maintenance items, would you?  How many hours a day do you drive your car?  How many miles?  Now, how many hours do you think your air conditioning system runs in a day?  How many hours per month? Would you run your car that long without maintenance?

Interested in saving money:
Saving money is why you should maintain you HVAC system. A unit that runs efficiently means less money spent on electricity, repair bills and more comfort for you in your home. Maintenance can also help keep your system from major repairs, and extend the life.

Healthier Air:
A properly maintained system not only keeps your system efficient, reduces repair bills and a more comfortable home, it will also help prevent poor air quality, Clean filters and coils means cleaner healthier air for the whole family. A system that is not maintained can be a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria which can cause respiratory problems. Ask our technician about other air quality products to enhance the removal of dirt, dust, bacteria and humidity control

Extended life:
The better a person maintains their HVAC system, the longer the system will last. A well maintained unit can last well over Ten years. Considering the cost of new HVAC systems, doesn’t it make since to want to keep your running as long as you can.

Emergency Repairs:
A maintained HVAC system has been proven to be less likely to need emergency service, In the event you do, emergency service is available.


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