Get your AC system ready before summer.

Spring and Fall are the seasons to enjoy outdoor strolls, but summer in Houston is the time to seek comfort indoors, provided the Air Conditioning system is working properly. But if the Air Conditioning system fails, especially during the hottest days of summer, living here could become an unbearable experience. Summer in Houston can be very pleasant, if the AC system is in good working order before the summer months begin.

Air Conditioning Repair Houston provides the following services:

    • AC Check-up (Preventative Maintenance)
    • AC Repair and Installation
    • Gas Furnace Check up
    • Furnace Repair and Installation
    • Air Handler Check up
    • Air Handler Repair and Installation
    • Condenser Fan Motor Installation
    • Evaporator Fan Motor Installation
    • Electric Heater Check-up
    • Electric heat repair and installation
    • Pre – Season Check-up
    • Condenser Cleaning
    • Evaporator Cleaning
    • Carbon monoxide Check

Air Conditioning Repair Houston is the one to call for your a/c needs.

Whether it is to have your air conditioning, furnace, air handler, or evaporator repaired, installed, or upgraded, you can count on us. We can be reached at (281) 978-5670, or you can fill out the service request form to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair

Central air Conditioning equipment needs annual maintenance to operate efficiently and last its designed lifespan. We would not expect a new car engine to last long or get good gas mileage if we never changed the oil. A central air conditioning systems cannot be expected to perform well or operate efficiently unless it gets maintained. One may have to show a maintenance record of the air conditioning system to keep an extended warranty valid. Filters should be checked if not changed at least once a month. The best times to arrange professional maintenance is in the spring and in the fall. It is always best to have a consistent maintenance program. Call now to arrange your low cost maintenance program, protect your system and start saving energy.

Find an Air Conditioning Maintenance Program That Suits You

air conditioning commercial maintenance agreement air conditioning residential maintenance agreement

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Man

Our diagnostic service includes a comprehensive inspection of your entire system to determine not just the part that has failed but the reason why it failed and to spot any possible issues that could cause additional breakdowns. There are several small and inexpensive parts in these systems that fail frequently and cause damage to larger and more expensive parts. We always recommend repairing the small parts when they are found to be worn out instead of waiting until they break completely.

Residential and Commercial Heating and AC Repair


Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installation

Whether you are building a new home or business, adding central air to your existing or upgrading your current system to a more efficient system, we provide top quality installation services to ensure maximum system performance and efficiency. We know that a well installed system lasts longer, has fewer breakdowns over its lifespan and will cost less to operate. Our high volume equipment purchases give us the buying power to give you the best rate for your new system.

Residential and Commercial Heating and AC Installation


Emergency Air Conditioning Service Calls

emergency service ac repair

 Give us a call, let us assess your needs and concerns, perhaps you just need an Efficiency Evaluation or Seasonal air conditioning maintenance, that way we can establish a trusting relationship that will come in handy one day.  So having a professional air conditioning Repair company at your disposal makes a lot more sense. What we have always suggested, especially for business owners, is that you talk to us, get to know us, build your confidence in our hard earned reputation. Then, if you ever find yourself in a desperate situation, you’ll have a friend that you can rely on.

Emergency Heating & AC Repair for Residential & Commercial Clients

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