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Air Conditioning Repair Houston has been servicing and repairing all brands of air conditioning systems in the Houston area since 1990. When you need professional air conditioning repair service in Houston, please call the experts of Air Conditioning Repair Houston. We will take care of your air conditioning repair problem immediately. Our service trucks are stocked with tested quality parts, the very best the air conditioning industry offers.

Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Repaired Right The First Time

You will not have to call the ac man every year to replace the same capacitor, as was the case for one of our customers. One customer had a friend tear up her sheet rock simply because he did not know how to flush an air conditioning drain line. Another had the handy man next door repair her air conditioning unit the day before and still had to call a professional the next day to actually fix the problem.

As strange as it seems, these are common occurrences. You can avoid all this unnecessary drama by simply calling Air Conditioning Repair Houston at (281) 978-5670 next time you need air conditioning repair or installation.

Whether you own a Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem, Ruud, Coleman, Payne, Janitrol, Amana or York air conditioning system that needs repair or replacement, the solution to all of your air conditioning repair problems is simply a phone call away. Our technicians are factory trained and have the experience and expertise to service, repair, and install all major heating and cooling brands. Call Air Conditioning Repair Houston at (281) 978-5670 or fill out a service request and schedule an appointment with us.

Call Air Conditioning Repair Houston To Keep You Cool Or Warm.

When you need heating and air conditioning services, it is usually because you’re sweating when you want to be cool, or freezing when you need to be warm. Maybe that old air conditioning unit costs too much to run. Maybe you need maintenance or want a new EnergyStar system, but you don’t know what would be the best solution for you and your family. Call Air Conditioning Repair Houston and we will help you find the right solution to all of your air conditioning repair problems.

Our honest and thorough services make it easy. Air Conditioning Repair Houston is the best company to call for AC repairs, electric heat repairs, evaporator repairs, air handler repairs, furnace repairs, AC condenser repairs or replacements, fan motor capacitor replacements, etc. Call us today at (281) 978-5670 or fill out a service request to schedule an appointment with us so we can find the right comfort solution for you.

Air Conditioning Repair Houston offer the following services:
  • air conditioning repair
  • air conditioning checkup
  • air conditioning installation
  • air conditioning condenser cleaning
  • air conditioning evaporator cleaning
  • gas furnace repair
  • gas furnace checkup
  • gas furnace installation
  • carbon monoxide check
  • air handler/electric heat repair
  • air handler/electric checkup
  • air handler/electric installation
  • thermostat installation and so on.

Helpful Air Conditioning Tips

Maintaining a comfort level (either to stay cool during Houston’s hot summer nights, or to keep warm and cozy during the winter) requires air conditioning services. An air conditioning check-up in the Spring and, if necessary, a condenser coil or an evaporator coil cleaning is the best thing to do. A dirty evaporator or filter can drastically decrease the volume of air flow required, reducing the performance of any air conditioning system. Keeping a system clear of any unnecessary restriction is one of many ways to keep the system working at its maximum efficiency. Call Air Conditioning Repair Houston for your next AC system checkup.

Ways To Avoid Unnecessary AC Repair

There are many reasons that may cause an air conditioning system to freeze, and a dirty evaporator is one of them. Summer or winter, adequate airflow is important. Do not neglect to have the air conditioning system’s evaporator coil cleaned when it is dirty, and the air filter replaced when necessary. A clean evaporator exerts less resistance to air flow and helps the air conditioning system function within the design temperature range. Call us today at (281) 978-5670 or fill out a service request to schedule an cleaning appointment with us.

The other half of the air conditioning system is called the condenser. It is fitted with what we call a condenser coil. It also requires periodic cleaning and should not be ignored. This piece is located outside and is part of the cooling system. Keeping the air conditioning unit’s condenser clean will help it run cooler, use less electricity, and therefore save money on your electric bills. Call us today at (281) 978-5670 or fill out a service request to schedule an appointment for cleaning. Let us help you save money!

Call us if you need help with the following:

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Residential Planned Service Agreements Residential/Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Gas Furnace Check-Ups
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