When it’s time to replace the old air conditioning unit, a lack of knowledge can make this process very stressful. In order to make this a more pleasant experience, we have in the following pages listed several air conditioning units according to their brand name, category and efficiency rating. Though we repair and install all brands, for this purpose we will list only Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, and Trane. For all of your air conditioning repair or installation needs, please call Air Conditioning Repair Houston at (281) 978-5670

When you need heating and air conditioning services it is usually because you’re hot when you want to be cold or cold when you need to be warm. Maybe that old energy guzzling unit costs too much to run.  Maybe you need maintenance or want a new EnergyStar system, but you don’t know what would be the best solution for you. Our honest and thorough services make is easy to find out which comfort solution is right for you.  Air Conditioning Repair Houston has all the equipment that your home needs to become your comfortable haven.

Below is just a sample of some of the equipment we offer.

Air Conditioning repair Houston Up to 19 SEER Variable Speed Bryant Air Conditioner Air Conditioning repair Houston Preferred Line 17 SEER Bryant Air Conditioner  Air-Conditioning-repair-Houston-Legacy16-SEER-Bryant-Air-Conditioner

Air Conditioning repair Houston Two-stage Multipoise Bryant Gas Furnace

Air Conditioning repair Houston Horizontal Bryant Slab Coil air-conditioning-repair-Houston-FH4C-air-handler-Bryant-Legacy

Bryant Evolution Air Conditioning Units

 Bryant Preferred Air Conditioning Units  Bryant Legacy Air Conditioning Units

Bryant Furnaces

Bryant Evaporator Coils

Bryant Air Handlers

Air Conditioning Repair Houston Infinity 2-Stage Carrier AirConditioner Air Conditioning Repair Houston 2-Stage Performance Carrier AirConditioner  Air Conditioning Repair Houston Carrier Comfort 14 Air Conditioner Air Conditioning Repair Houston multipoise carrier gas furnace  Air Conditioning Repair Houston Multi-poise carrier A-Coil

air conditioning repair Houston Infinity carrier FE4A fan coil

Carrier Infinity Air Conditioning Units

 Carrier Performance Air Conditioning Units Carrier Comfort Air Conditioning Units

Carrier Furnaces

Carrier Evaporator Coils

Carrier Air Handlers

 Air Conditioning Repair Houston Signature XC21 Lennox airconditioner  Air Conditioning Repair Houston elit XC16 Lennox airconditioner  Air Conditioning Repair Houston merit 14ACX Lennox airconditioner Air Conditioning Repair Houston merit SL280V Variable Speed Lennox Furnace Air Conditioning Repair Houstonup-flow down-flow horizontal Lennox Coil ouston Lennox Signature Variable Speed Air Handler
Lennox Signature Air Conditioning Units  Lennox Elite Air Conditioning Units  Lennox Merit Air Conditioning Units

Lennox Furnaces

Lennox Horizontal Evaporator Coils

Lennox Signature Air Handler

Air Conditioning Repair Houston XR17 Trane airconditioning  Air Conditioning Repair Houston XB16 Trane airconditioning Air Conditioning Repair Houston XT80 Trane multipositional gasfurnace Air Conditioning Repair Houston up-flow horizontal Trane Coil Air Conditioning Repair Houston air handler Trane hyperion XR

Trane XR Air Conditioning Units

 Trane XB Condensing Units

Trane Furnaces

Trane Evaporator Coils

Trane Air Handlers